Christmas Parade 2015

This year the Scouts were busy sailing at the Kapiti Regatta and the Keas took helm of ‘the Christmas Cutter’ as she has been known of late. They painted an awesome banner and had a great time ringing the bell and waving. Thanks to Tony on the tow vehicle.

Spring sailing on the Lake

Lake Horowhenua is notorious for going crazy with weed late November – but this year, with high winds and lots of rain it has been lovely much longer than usual.
Here’s a photo of three boats on the water, a cutter at oars, a cutter under sail and a sunburst. Significant because it’s probably the most boats we’ve had going at one time on the lake in recent times.

Trophies and Certificates from 2014-2015 Season

Hear is our trophy haul from ladt season. We got the Bell Cup for best improvers and the Roger Kerswill Trophy for junior seamanship. We took out a few third places as well. Great work considering the hefty competition we are up against. Here’s hoping for another successful season ahead!

Scout camp @ Robbo’s farm

Well I didn’t make it along but here are some shots from the camp at Robbo’s place last weekend. Looked like a good weekend with such sure fire crowd pleasers as the big cooking fire and the air rifle shooting. Thanks to Chris and Robbo for another great event. Good to see our new tents put to use as well.


Here’s Serena tucking in to the wonderful pavlova we made. It only took a dozen eggs to get four whites and we beat it mostly by hand. Luke got just a bit of the cream on him in the whipping process. But all in all it was a delicious result! Yum!

Eggs on toast

The Cubs managed to soft boil an egg safely and cook the toast for it to go on without a toaster. All for the Cooking badge, but possibly a good idea for Mother’s day.

ANZAC 2015

As 100 years rolls past since the landings at Gallipoli we have seen a huge increase in attendance at ANZAC ceremonies across the country. I never went as a youth myself, but since I have been a leader the last 10 years we have as a group made it to a ceremony every year, often two or three. And each year more and more people come. Since last year we have moved to Manakau and it has been a very good move- we are glad to be a bigger part of a small parade. This year was special with the inclusion of horses in the parade and further growth of the parade. We combined the parade with a movie night at the school the night before and helped with baking and cleanup at the hall after.

Cub Day 2015

Once in your Cub life you will get to go to Cub Day. What a great one this was. Carts, wet sponges, balance bridges, woggle making, badges to look at. Our poison blow dart base went well and everyone managed to dart their jungle dinner. We had loads of help from other groups and everyone worked well together. Thanks to the organisers and all you Cubs for doing your best.