Cub Day 2015

Once in your Cub life you will get to go to Cub Day. What a great one this was. Carts, wet sponges, balance bridges, woggle making, badges to look at. Our poison blow dart base went well and everyone managed to dart their jungle dinner. We had loads of help from other groups and everyone worked well together. Thanks to the organisers and all you Cubs for doing your best.

Mudslide 2015

What a great day we had. A ropes course was built, a mud run was cut through the swamp and the slide rolled out. Everyone ended up muddy, soapy, a bit bruised maybe and certainly tired. We had great support from our parents and the kids all enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Petanque night

A huge thanks to the Horowhenua Petanque club for hosting the Cubs to learn about their sport. Only one sore toe and some amazing shots fired. The photographer was too busy learning but here’s a shot Shirley explaining the rules.

Christmas Parade 2014

We didn’t let a little rain dampen our spirits. Defending our 2013 (and 1993) crown we set up our cutter with a tent, campfire complete with glowing light and plenty of greenery. Great work all you keen kids and parents.

River Trip 2014

Today we rowed from Foxton to Foxton Beach. It’s ten k which, even at a leisurely pace that involved at times paddling with a cricket bat, was a fair hard slog. Needless to say the free lunch put on by those fine chaps at the Manawatu Marine Boating Club funded by the Landcare Trust (who had organized the day) was well earnt. We even saw a seal. Great teamwork was shown by the crew and top marks went to the young men who were on their first big boat trip.

Great results from the prize giving for Kotuku sailors, rowers and swimmers

Our skilful Scouts have taken out thirds in the aggregate points for Senior and Open cutter sailing, Open rowing and our Cubs got third in the swimming. Which made us the second most improved group on the lower North Island.
These certificates may not look like much unless you know what they represent. Our opposition are large groups which are sail on the sea most weeks in two terms. We are a tiny group with a lake that suits sailing about 4 weeks a year. We have further to go to regattas and we make a huge effort to get there. So a third place against these teams is a real victory for our group.
These are the prizes for the hard work put in by Paul and Chris and all the Scouts who have done us proud. Congratulations.